Our Specifications and Campaigns

Customer Care Inbound

UK – Debt Management Inbound

  • Third Party Insurance Customer Support
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement Support
  • Digital Marketing Customer Support


USA- Financial Consulting Cutomer Support

  • Attorneys Customer Support
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Mortgage and Refinance
  • Business Loans
  • Brand Promotions
  • Query handelling

Lead Generation

UK – Debt management

  • IVA
  • Insurance
  • Payment Protection Plans
  • Drop Shiping
  • Educational Contracts

USA – Complete Financial Consulting

  • Mortgage and Refinance
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Project Loans
  • Real Estate property book keeping
  • Loan Modification
  • Auto Loans
  • Debt COnsolidation
  • Home Security Equipment
  • Recruitment COnsulting

Business Process Outsourcing

Financial Consulting Lead Generation (USA)

Mortgage and Refinance (USA)

Legal Financial Adviser’s Lead Generation (USA)

Loan Modification (USA)

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Quality controlling and Feedback

In order to implement an effective QC program, We first decide which specific standards the service must meet and how can we increase the conversion of raw calls. Then the extent of QC actions must be determined. Real-Time data must be collected and the results reported to management personnel. We closely observe the prodcution of vendor and check quality standards and provide real time and much effective feedback to production team in order to improve convertion ratio and also help them to learn tactics to deliver more revenue to the management. We serve everywhere its required.

Onsite and Online Training

We determine the real strength and need of the company in order to start the business operations with us. We are open to provide compatible training accordingly. We have enough and sounds staff to travel down to vendor's location and train them for few days till the time operation gets live and start production. We are also open to provide specific training over video conferencing looking at the technology and staff efficiency. We have multiple plateform and enough tools to get entire staff trained and all departments in the company. We train Agents, internal Quality coach, Team managers, MIS, IT team, Trainer and feedback executive, Management. We feel resposibility if vendor is lacking behind the product knowledge.

No Investment

There is no upfront amount charges or fee involved to outsource the business. We do not prefer or recommend any business consulting which has got a cost to just to shake the business relationship. NO COST AT ALL TO GET BUSINESS FROM US IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Just few documents formalities and you are the owner of your own business.

Govt Guidelines Followed

We are very much perticular about legalities and guidelines set up by local or central govt to outsource or to start business relationship. A strong legality parameters are followed and instructed in order to start. Our legal advisers are here to educate the right things to do when it comes to barrier of business.

Assured Payout and Cycle

We understand that commercials and revenue are like fuel for running the company. So we have developed the self credit system ovr online access of account to credit your revenue by your self when ever it's generated. Every vendor can transfer the revenue by their own over the vendor portal access. There is no pendency over us or master partners to release the commercials. They are automaticaly transfered over the online system provided to vendors. We make sure that there is no delay in payouts generated by vendors. A successfull parameters to deal when it comes to payout and pay cycle.

Industry Specific Tools

Our tools are our specification. We provide very sustainable and fit to criteria tools to hit the right market. Our years of expertization gives us the enthusiasm and energy to inject the specific tools to our vendors and team. We are here to look in to training, Market research and Development, Data Strategy, Technology and all other tools to hit the right market to pull out the customers and revenue ofcourse.

Technology Setup Support

Are you new to this business we are offering ? You do not have any idea about technology and set up procedure ? No idea about the investment and tools required ? We are here to provided you end to end assistance and availability of every technology assests and tools required to get the campaign live. Most of them are free of cost when we come in to the picture and provide you technological support to set up your business world.

Seminars & Meetings

We transform our business with nationalization and increasing our connectivity with all our vendors. We conduct seminars and common meetings where in all the vendors and partners available to discuss about improvements and market plans. We build links and connectivity to each other that helps us with multiple ideas and open universe between us. Enjoy the togetherness by joining our seminars.

Our Team

Swaroop Rani
HR Executive
Ankur Awasthi
Director - Yewgold Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Ramya Sharma
Unit Manager
Saurabh Tripathi
Head- Business Development
Rahul Baduk
Web Developer
Shivalika Nigam
MARCOM Manager
Sumit Chauhan
Floor Manager
Abhi Chauhan
Revenue Forecasting & MIS
Ashu Yadav
Team Leader
Mehak Tiwari
Recruiter- Human Resource
Kamal Dixit
Client Relationship
Deepak Kushwaha
IT - Head
Vendors and Associates
Other Industries
Vision & Mission

Team Thoughts

We get chance to do work with in the given deadline in our own way and without any work pressure.

Abhi Chauhan Revenue Forecasting & MIS

Careful Management towards the employees and they keeping Punctuality.

Shivalika Nigam MARCOM Manager

We follow the Professional way of working with keeping in mind to provide better services to our customer.

Saurabh Tripathi Head-Business Development

There is no doubt that Yewgold Provider  the Rolling and harmony.Working Environment with Professional inhoouse Training.

Mehak Tiwari Recruiter - HR

Very Relaxing and great work place with the new sprit.

Ramya Sharma Unit Manager

“Working with Yewgold Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. has been a very positive experience. They are super communicative with cohesive teams that work closely, yet are transparent. They kept us involved in each and every step of the project and achieved timely rollouts.”

Rahul Baduk Web Developer

“Yewgold has been an amazing company which has given me a lot of growth opportunities. During my tenure with yewgold, I have got many chances to learn and excel.”

Kamal Dixit Client Relationship

“Yewgold has given me the opportunity to leverage what I learned in my studies and apply it to real business challenges. I have understood a lot about the business world through my experiences and the opportunities that have been provided to me. Yewgold is a place to inspire and be inspired.”

Sumit Chauhan Floor Manager

About Us

Welcome! At The Financial Consulting Firm we offer a wide range of services dedicated to serving the unique needs of each of our clients. Founded in 2017, our team brings years of experience in providing personal and professional accounting, tax, payroll, and business services to clients from all walks of life, and we have earned the trust of our extensive client base. We look forward to serving your needs equally well. Our highly-experienced team of specialists provides our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we have the depth of knowledge needed to look after their interests in all the core accounting and financial services. Since each of our clients has a unique background, circumstances, needs, objectives, and hopes, we take the time to listen, to ask the right questions, and to apply our expertise to work closely with each client to discover the best possible plan for meeting their goals. As a result, our clients not only tell us that they appreciate that the focus is on them, but also refer their friends and family to us.

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